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Sunday 26 May 2024
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Tom David Wilson: Ecce homo

SATB setting by Tom David Wilson of a poem on the life of Christ by Clive Wright.
SATB choir

Difficulty level: *** (out of *****)

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This setting was first performed at the Church of the Holy Rude, Stirling, Scotland on 16 March 2008.

Notes on the piece

Tom David Wilson (b. 1957) teaches composition at the RSAMD in Glasgow and at St Mary's Music School in Edinburgh, Scotland, and has composed over 70 works in many genres.

Completed on 14 June 2007.

More notes and music examples to follow.


The text

Details of the text to follow.

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The text

Look, as soon as legs and arms
out of the womb at last uncurl
they bind them tight in winding clothes
to straiten them as they unfurl.

Look at his first stuttering steps
to reach his father's arms outstretch
and feels like he's falling, falling 'til
the joiner's hands take hold and catch.

Look at the cross, the arms he still
holds up even though lost for breath
his legs still stand unbent, unbroken
even at the point of death.

Look in the grave – he takes the clothes
they wound around his limbs and head,
folding them neatly in his hands
he gets up now and leaves his bed.

Clive Wright (b. 1954)

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